Let It Ride

Early Morning Sunrise at The Great Northern Casino  ©Ramsay and Winsor Photography
Playing roulette at the Great Northern Casino in Grande Prairie AB                  ©Ramsay and  Winsor Photography

Back in the fall we were hired by the Great Northern Casino here in Grande Prairie to do some photographs of the interior and exterior for a feature article, well the article was never published but they are still planning on using the images for promotional material.

                          ©Ramsay and Winsor Photography

 Photographing a casino is not with out its challenges. Not only are there people to direct and more lighting issues to be aware then usual but you also have to be mindful of the people that frequent the casino and their privacy. We used ropes to cordon off the areas as we set up our shots but every once in awhile someone would wander into a shot. When they realized there was a camera pointing in their direction they would panic and bolt, it was quite humorous.

 We had a great day and met some wonderful people. We wrapped the day up with the most challenging shot. We had to photograph the concert venue attached to the casino using a handful of willing models and a band that was doing sound check for their evening performance. The venue had to look like a live performance with a full house in attendance. Have a look at the result and let me know what you think.
Enjoying one of the many entertainers that perform at the Great Norther Casino           ©Ramsay and Winsor Photography


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