Speedpro Signs Google 360 Tour

Off we go with a new service to Grande Prairie. Google Business Tours, It has had many names but we will stick with business tours for the time being.
  The difference between what we do and what other virtual tour companies offer is that our tours are embedded in Google Listings, when you search for a business or service you have the opportunity to walk through the business in virtual space.
Why you ask? Improve seo , break down barriers and get new customers , build trust with a potential customers just to name a few. there are numerous advantages.
  Our friends at Speedpro have had us shoot a tour. You can see inside their operation, you can use google maps and be guided right to the front door and then "walk" right through the business. You can see their production area, understand that you are hiring a company that makes your product right here.
 Jen and Dave are planning a  pro-active approach by using the tour in contests to drive customers and increase online engagement.

 To use the tour move your cursor over the image and when the arrows appear clic your way through the shop, You can go from to back , side to side and even outside to see where their business is located.

Thanks to The Metituks for being one of the first to have a tour done.

Keith and Janet


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